Focus on Anna Laborde

Anna9ANNA LABORDE, CONTESTANT IN THE MISS SVG PAGEANT 2013, is ready to put her best foot forward. It is easy to imagine Laborde as Miss SVG, as her quiet and disciplined personality can be seen amidst the lovely smile she wears so naturally.

Anna, a native of Mesopotamia, attended the Evesham Methodist School, the Emmanuel High School Mesopotamia and the SVGCC. Tall and ‘modelesque’, she is a member of the Mije Modeling Agency, which she enjoys thoroughly, and under whose guidance she participated in the Elite Model Look Caribbean.

In an interview with THE VINCENTIAN, Anna explained that “besides the financial assistance to further my educational goals, I entered the Ms. SVG 2013 pageant as it is a steppingstone to my modelling career, and I believe the experience will open doors for me in that aspect.”  She hopes, though, to further her studies in Tourism and Hospitality Management, even as she furthers her modeling career. For Anna though, day to day life is rooted in family and friends, knowing whom one can trust and who trust you.

She makes it clear that becoming Miss SVG 2013 would be an honour for her and as a role model for young women, she feels that ”It is a fact that women are personifications of love and compassion and I believe that we should maintain our independence , confidence and positivity.” She is undeniably experienced in the world of pageantry, and thus her performance on June 1st should reflect this as she holds the coveted title of Miss P’Tani 2010.  Anna declared that patrons to the June 1 Miss SVG Pageant can “expect not only beauty but talent and creativity.”

Anna Laborde is sponsored by THE VINCENTIAN’S sister company, Metrocint General Insurance, and just like that company, she is home grown and caring. Need you ask for more? Life is a lot about passion, freedom and love. Anna will only walk this road once — she might as well make the most of it.

THE VINCENTIAN wishes Miss. Metrocint General Insurance best of luck in the 2013 Miss SVG Pageant.